Bea Brat Snatches the Crown with New Single "Anarchy Princess"

When the going gets tough, the tough go off. Such is the case with Columbus native Bea Brat, as the alt-drag marvel released a new single, “Anarchy Princess.” The track is a call to arms, a concentrated attack on the status quo. Regardless of your political leanings, it’s not farfetched to call the current state of affairs a shitshow, and to illustrate this point, Bea tags in David Munster and Clee to lend their voices to this Molotov of a mix.

Compared to her previous work, “Anarchy Princess” is as confrontational and in your face as Bea has ever been. Granted, she’s not afraid to get weird and out there, but the beat thumps, the delivery is deliberate, and all bets are off. Not that her previous tracks aren’t great, but this newest offering may be her strongest yet.

Listen to “Anarchy Princess” here:


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