Behaviour Announces Fourth Round of "Realm Beyond" Updates for 'Dead by Daylight'

This week in The Fog sees three major goings-on for Dead by Daylight. First and foremost of these is the latest in “The Realm Beyond” updates, which are graphical overhauls to make the game smoother, more functional, and more immersive all around.

In tomorrow’s update, we also get the fourth installment of “The Realm Beyond,” which will give facelifts to the Crotus Prenn Asylum and Gideon Meat Plant. For the first time ever, this latest update will also clean up the looks of two Killers, The Nurse and The Clown. According to Product Manager Joris Four, this may be the first of many such updates for characters:

“Some Killers will receive the same treatment as The Nurse and The Clown. The idea is to make them more beautiful without changing the look and personality of each character. We are also working on a bunch of updates for Survivor models – I cannot say more for now, but I’ve seen the first results and it looks really promising.”

Of all of the graphical overhauls, I think my favorite has to be the shit room in Gideon Meat Plant, as now the lighting aligns more with that piercing bluish-white of the original SAW film.

In addition to the realm and character updates, there are also locomotive changes in this latest patch. Movements and transitions from stances are now more fluid, adding to the immersion of the game overall. There is also an idle Flashlight pose, as well as the new ability to use flashlights while crouched. Animation Team Lead David Prenoveau points out that while “the character controller moves the same way as before, but since the visual representations have changed, it may have an affect on how players perceive their character's movement.”

Sounds like that may take a little getting used to.

In addition to the latest patch, Wednesday will see the opening of Tome VI: Divergence, which will focus on Sally Smithson (The Nurse), Yui Kimura, and The Observer. Thursday is also the beginning of this year’s Lunar New Year event, though details about this have been scarce as of this printing.

Read the full breakdown of these latest “Realm Beyond” patches here, and see the updates in action in the trailer below: