Behaviour Interactive Reveals 'Dead by Daylight' Next-Gen Versions and "The Realm Beyond" Updates

As we inch closer towards the release of next-gen gaming consoles, Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive have rolled out their plans for accommodating for the new capabilities. The sum of the updates is being called “The Realm Beyond,” and these include numerous visual updates and animation tweaks, allowing for a more immersive, visually striking gameplay experience for both Killers and Survivors.

This leads to another bit of good news from the developers. It has been confirmed via Twitter that current players who choose to upgrade once the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X will be able to maintain their current progress on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The team has also confirmed that they will be maintaining support for the current generation of consoles, meaning there is no rush to upgrade if you are unwilling or unable.

In a blog post, the developers spoke with Product Manager Joris Four and Lead Level Artist Stephanie Hellin about the updates. The full interview can be found on the Dead by Daylight official website, but the summary is as follows. Over the next year, the team is integrating substantial graphical and visual updates, all of which will be free for all players. From environmental changes to VFX and character animations, everything will lead to a smoother, more visually-compelling game.

The first two maps getting the “Realm Beyond” treatments will be Springwood and the Yamaoka Estate. Highlights noted by Four and Hellin include the Boiler Room of the Badham Preschool in the Springwood map, and the look of the Killer shack in the Yamaoka Estate map. The idea is to make the Trials feel more urgent and realistic, as if you’re really hunting down elusive Survivors, or being hunted by a bloodthirsty Killer.

September 8th is listed as the first date for the “Realm Beyond” updates to go into effect. Could this have any bearing on the release of the “Descend Beyond” chapter DLC as well?

Time will tell, but until then… see you all in the Fog.

See the video diary for day one of “The Realm Beyond” here:

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