Belgian Post-Metallers Briqueville Unveil Strange New Single "Akte XII"

The enigmatic Briqueville present one of the strangest, most unique stage acts in metal this side of bands like Ghost. They specialize in polyrhythmic, viscerally heavy post-metal, with elements of sludge and doom kneaded into the dense final product. A new LP, entitled Quelle, is slated for release via Pelagic Records on October 2nd, and ahead of said release, the cloaked cultist lookalikes have given fans a new single.

Entitled “Akte XII,” the song is a five-minute slab of dizzying guitar leads, chugging guitars, and a heavy hand conducting the entire affair. First premiered on BrooklynVegan, this track has an odd head-bobbing groove to it, with enough sludge and psychedelic elements to keep things fresh and interesting. It’s creepy, crawling, and as pitch-black as the robes the band wears in their stage shows.

The tracklisting for Quelle, which oddly enough, translates to “source” in German (die Quelle, if we’re being proper) and “which” in French, is as follows:

1. Akte VIII

2. Akte IX

3. Akte X

4. Akte XI

5. Akte XII

6. Akte XIII

7. Akte XIV

8. Akte XV

Hear the new song “Akte XII” below:

Pre-orders for Quelle can be found here. The album will be released on October 2nd via Pelagic Records.