Benighted Set Out to "Stab the Weakest" With New Track and Shirt Design

Every day is a perfect day to kill.

French brutalists Benighted have had a substantial body of work within this calendar year, between releasing their tenth studio album Obscene Repressed in April, as well as a special fundraiser track “Serve to Deserve” this August. The band’s fast, unflinching brand of blackened deathgrind has kept them at the forefront of the extreme metal scene for the last two decades, and now they look to pay tribute to one of the original slashers, and one that very well may have shaped their musical output.

Benighted’s new track “Stab the Weakest” is an homage to Halloween’s horror of Haddonfield, Michael Myers, with the intro borrowing that iconic piano line from the John Carpenter score. What follows is a violent display of chaotic grind and devastating death metal, with the rarely-seen gravity blast beat making an appearance via drummer Kevin Paradis. The song is, much like its subject, pure evil, and leaves an indelible mark on death metal, and given the sheer volume of music the genre has seen in this year, that’s a statement.

To commemorate the single and for the real most wonderful time of the year, the band has released a new T-shirt design bearing the likeness of Michael Myers himself, as well as the slogan “Every Day Is A Perfect Day to Kill” on the back.

Check out the single below, stream it via your favorite service here, and grab the special “Stab the Weakest” shirt here.