• Lucas Liner

Bill McClintock Creates Another Genius Mash-Up with SLAY-52's "Raining Lobsters"

Something something lighten the mood and brighten your day. Even us gorehounds need to crack a smile every so often, right?

Mash-up maven Bill McClintock has released his latest crossing of the musical streams, once again using thrash titans Slayer and their most well-known track “Raining Blood.” For the pop music appeal, he throws in The B-52’s surf-rock classic (and Peter Griffin’s favorite) “Rock Lobster,” and the degree to which the two work with one another is horrifying and hilarious. Hearing a surf-rock guitar over the Godfather of the Double Bass Pedal Dave Lombardo is a combination I neither needed nor wanted, but here we are, and I am living for it.

If neither act is quite your speed, no worries, as the range of artists that have seen their music interwoven with other pop acts is staggering. In the mood for Spice Girls meets Slipknot? How about Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Black Sabbath? Or maybe you’re jonesing for Judas Priest meets Michael Jackson?

Oh ye gods, I can feel a Goldmember “shmoke and a pancake” meme coming on.

Regardless of your mood, he has loads of mash-ups uploaded to his channel, so keep yourself entertained and give one a go.

And wash your fucking hands!

Check out “Raining Lobsters” below!


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