Billie Eilish Has "No Time to Die" With New Music Video and "Tonight Show" Performance Clip

While the latest installment in the iconic James Bond film series has been further delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, this time until April 2021, the singer of the title song, Billie Eilish, has not been content with slowing down. The multiple Grammy winner has a new documentary coming to AppleTV, and recently released a new R&B-informed track called “my future.”

Now, the music video for “No Time to Die” has been released, featuring the green-and-black-haired singer playing a monochrome crooner. Intercut are different scenes from the upcoming film, which contrast to Eilish’s black and white presentation by being shown in full color. Conversely, on a James Bond Day appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Billie and her producer/brother FINNEAS played the song, with FINNEAS on piano and Billie singing her heart out in an elegant foyer.

Both presentations are striking, and allow the full expression of Billie’s face as she sings to come through. No gimmicks, no camera tricks, just one of the most popular artists of the day taking her turn as the to-date youngest Bond theme singer. For a singer that isn’t necessarily known for her vocal range, this track allows Billie to branch out and hit a powerful belt before the final chorus, and that is made all the more spine-chilling against the backdrop of a mansion, as is the case in the performance video.

See both the music video and the performance from The Tonight Show below: