Billie Eilish Releases Swaggering New Single "Therefore I Am"

Stop. What the hell are you talking about?

The track has taken over TikTok and playlists alike, and with a name like Billie Eilish, that’s hardly a surprise. The two tone-haired singer/songwriter has released yet another single, this one called “Therefore I Am,” produced by her brother FINNEAS and directed at anyone and everyone who tries to use her good name for clout or for any reflection of their own worth. It’s a surprisingly scathing track from the typically melancholy singer, with the oft-repeated phrase used as the first line of this article used as a flippant, “get a hold of yourself, man” urging.

Says Eilish about the song, in an interview on Apple Music:

I feel that I sound very, like, I’m just fucking around. I’m just joking and shit. You know that, “Stop, what the hell are you talking about?” It’s like, come on. It’s so real and natural and don’t take me seriously, you know? I love it.

Billie also directed the music video for the song, which sees her wandering and meandering through a mall, identified as the Glendale Galleria. She runs around, hops counters in the food court, and acts like she owns the damn place before an off-camera security guard shoos her away. She later revealed that the video was shot with a skeleton crew and only an iPhone, displaying her brilliant minimalism once again.

As it stands now, the follow-up to the Grammy-winning WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? has not been publicly announced, but it would track that this song would feature on it, especially given the wild success it has garnered already. The music video, which released on November 12, already has over 45 million views on YouTube as of this printing, and the track itself saw over 3 million streams in its first day available to the public.

Check out the guerrilla-style video for “Therefore I Am,” directed by Eilish herself, below: