Biomechanimal Seek to "End Your Life" with Bass-Heavy New Maxi-Single

Earlier this year, London’s own industrial kids Biomechanimal released a tearing new single “Enter the Animal,” looking to give rivetheads something to tide them over till clubs and dance floors are open once more. Not content to call it a year, the group have unleashed another maxi-single for their newest effort “End Your Life,” employing the help of Nysrok Infernalien (Alien Vampires, Infernalian) to craft a killer new song.

The maxi-single includes the original version of “End Your Life,” with six different remixes by KALCYFR, Die Sektor, Javi Ssagittar, Moaan Exis, Xotox, and XMH. While the original mix is a blistering assault with shimmering synth flourishes to make a murder scene look picturesque, the remixes each have their own charm. KALCYFR adds a metal edge to it with low, chugging guitars and a more pronounced, piercing melody in place of the gossamer present in the original. The Moaan Exis remix, while somehow briefer than the original, switches up the delivery of its beat, letting the kicks hit you in the chest that much harder.

The worst thing I can say about this song, or any of the remixes, is fuck these guys for making me want to cut loose at the club to this track. This is an execution, a brutal act that’s over as soon as it begins, yet leaves its mark before exiting into the darkness.

Stream the original and the remixes, as well as purchase the maxi-single for “End Your Life,” below:


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