Black Totem Go Full Blues Rock on New Song "Warlock"

Finland-based death rock outfit Black Totem are just about a month away from the release of their second studio full-length II: Shapeshifting. While the first single “Dead Meat” was a punk-flavored potion, this latest dose from these fusion faith-keepers is a far more soulfully-executed one, but far from being restrained or subdued.

“Warlock” is a badass blues rock tune, with licks aplenty and guitar bends galore. If the Danzig influence wasn’t apparent before, it’s confrontational now, as the vocals, while not the most technically sound, don’t need to be, as the emotion and the blues are palpable, especially in the simple refrain of the song’s title. The lead lines peppered throughout are hummable and wonderful, and make for a fun four-minute track.

II: Shapeshifting comes out on February 26th via Svart Records. Order it here.

Check out the video for “Warlock” below: