Blackened Thrash Outfit Blackevil Let Loose New Track "Pestkarren"

Hailing from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Blackevil is a blackened thrash metal outfit with fast guitars and no prisoners taken. Their debut album The Ceremonial Fire lit the metal world ablaze, and following a split EP with Witchunter in 2018, the Bavarian trio is set to unleash their second sonic assault, Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire, on September 25th through Dying Victims Productions.

The latest strike from the upcoming LP is their fastest and most intense yet, and that’s coming from the band themselves. “Pestkarren,” German for “plague carts,” was first premiered via Decibel’s website, and deals in disease and pestilence in medieval times. Given the current state of affairs, the song is as appropriate as one can be without dipping their toe in the political pool. It’s their first song with a title in their native German, though the lyrics are in English.

The tracklisting for Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire, due out September 25th, is as follows:

1. Come Forth

2. Satan's Crown

3. The Disciple

4. Black Fire Tornado

5. Forever Baptised In Eternal Flames

6. Lucifer's Supremacy

7. The Final Book

8. Pestkarren

9. 1943

Get infected with heavy riffs, as the band implores, and check out the ripping “Pestkarren” and its lyric video below: