Experience Evil Anywhere You Go with 'Blair Witch' on Nintendo Switch [Trailer]

Blair Witch Now On Nintendo Switch

Starting today, you can experience the terror of the Black Hills Forest wherever you dare!

Bloober Team, the group behind the critically acclaimed Layers of Fear series and the award-winning Observer, has released Blair Witch on Nintendo Switch. And of course, brand new launch trailer accompanies the game's release.

In the game, you play as Ellis, an ex-cop with a traumatic and troubled past. You join the search for a missing child in the Black Hills Forest—the same forest featured in the iconic Blair Witch movies. While the forest is the same, this game tells a completely original story, exploring horror and giving players the chance to experience a descent into darkness.

While venturing deeper into the woods, players get caught in a terrifying nightmare and experience the curse of the legendary Blair Witch. With multiple alternate endings, choices matter, and how this story ends depends on how the game is played.

Blair Witch for Nintendo Switch includes the "Good Boy Pack" update, starring Bullet, the loyal four-legged friend who is ready to help search the woods. Players can personalize their canine companion’s fur attributes, eye color, and collar, along with additional Bullet animations. The bundle will also contain the "Super Rex" mini-game which Bullet fans cannot resist.

The game will support key features of the Nintendo Switch: HD rumble, TV mode, tabletop mode, handheld mode, and touch screen support in the game menu. 

Blair Witch is now available on the Nintendo eShop for 29.99 USD, and is currently 10% off.