Bloober Team Debuts First Part of Rutger Hauer Interview from 'Observer' Recording Sessions [Video]

This July marked one year since the passing of genre legend Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Hobo With a Shotgun, The Hitcher). One of his last acting roles was that of Dan Lazarski ("Observer") in Bloober Team's sci-fi horror game Observer.

In the weeks leading up to the game's next-gen iteration, Observer: System Redux, Bloober has released part one of a two-part interview with the late Hauer from his time in-studio, recording lines for the game.

"Rutger was a good friend and will be missed," said Piotr Babineo, Bloober Team CEO. "It was hard hearing him and knowing that he is not with us, but in a way, being able to share his voice again felt special. This interview really shows the depth of passion he had in his role as Dan he was a wonderful person, and we’re deeply sorry that he passed."

"While developing System Redux, many of us on the team would talk about what it was like to work with him," said Babineo. "As a team, we’re in love with Rutger’s work and this game is as great a tribute to him as we could make."

The developers also let us know that Observer: System Redux features a hidden in-game Easter egg nodding to Hauer's iconic role as Roy Batty in Blade Runner, but you'll just have to play the game to see for yourself!

Observer: System Redux arrives on PC and Xbox Series X November 10th, followed by PlayStation 5 on November 12th.

Watch part one of the interview with Hauer below.


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