Bloody Hammers Enter The "Twilight Zone" For Surprise Cover of the Golden Earring Classic

Bloody Hammers released Songs of Unspeakable Terror earlier this year, giving us a rousing horror-fused hard rock soundtrack for the winter. The band has always expressed an affinity for classic shockers and sci-fi flicks, so the Transylvania County, NC natives taking on a song called “Twilight Zone” should come as no surprise. What is a bit more of a surprise is that they’re not doing their own song called that, but instead providing us with a ballsy B-side cover of a longtime new wave classic.

Golden Earring released the song “Twilight Zone” back in 1982, and it struck gold for the Dutch group, charting in five countries and hitting number one on the Billboard US Mainstream Rock chart. It found its way onto four year-end charts, with its best ranking being #13 on the Dutch Top 40 in their home country. Now, Anders Manga and his crew have breathed new life into the one-hit wonder, paying homage to an homage, as it were.

Bloody Hammers’ version of the song is heavier on the guitar tones, with the central arpeggio ringing out in a dirty reverb befitting the old-school nature of the song. It is faithful to the original almost down to the letter, but in the style of the more guitar-centric Bloody Hammers and their doubled-up vocals. It’s one of those songs that is perfect for the band to cover, without being an expected or predictable one. It’s also worth noting that the original’s album version clocks in at close to eight minutes, while the radio edit and BH’s cover clock in around the five minute mark.

Stream Bloody Hammers’ version of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” below:


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