Board Game 'Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake' Slashes into Stores This Summer

Official Friday the 13th Board Game The Op

Summertime fun is dying out at Camp Crystal Lake, where masked and murderous Jason Voorhees is on the hunt for camp counselor blood… and your unlucky day is looming.

This summer, the annual fun and games will get a new name when The Op lets the relentless hockey masked murderer loose with Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake, the classic slasher film’s first ever officially licensed board game!

With legal issues still plaguing the franchise, we're really curious as to how The Op managed to pull this off, but we're certainly glad that they did!

Check out more details below!

"In this anxiety-driven, press-your-luck horror game, players take on the roles of cliché camp counselors like the stereotypical Nerd, the Partier, the Nice Guy, the Final Girl, the Diva, and the Jock as they must rely on chance and strategy to survive five nights being terrorized by blood-thirsty Jason.

Coveted tools of survival are just within your reach to randomly draw from a camp bag: cast iron pans, gasoline, cleavers, flashlights and more. Collect them to make various combinations for points and use additional Fear cards for ways to escape his Attacks.

You only have strategy and supplies to keep you alive, but the odds of returning safely to the camp get slimmer with every turn! Steal supplies from your friends, take them with you to the cabin, or keep what you find and wait out the nights to be the last one standing!"

Full game contents include:

  • 6 Player Boards

  • 1 Cabin Board

  • 10 Critical Supply Cards

  • 6 Backpack Cards

  • 64 Fear Cards

  • 88 Blood Spatter Tokens

  • 6 Escape Tokens

  • 6 Player Tokens

  • 1 Night Tracker

  • 67 Supply Tokens

  • 1 Camp Bag

  • 1 Rulebook

The game invades store shelves this summer for $29.99. To learn more about this and other horror themed game night selections, visit