Bones Coffee Releases "Army of Dark Chocolate" Blend Based On The Classic 'Army of Darkness'

Florida-based coffee roasters Bones Coffee are no strangers to creating blends and label artwork to honor their favorite films. From their White Russian coffee sporting a skeleton homage to “The Dude” to their recent Mint Invaders from Chocolate Space and From Dusk Till Donuts, these javaheads love their cinema, and we can certainly relate. Now, in what is their first proper horror-themed blend, Bones has a new coffee that is positively… groovy.

The new Army of Dark Chocolate blend is an homage to the 1992 horror-comedy Army of Darkness, the conclusion of the core Evil Dead trilogy. Unlike their typical medium roasts, this brew is the first-ever flavored dark roast for Bones, making for a deeper, richer flavor that will only be improved by the dark chocolate notes. It’s just what one needs to take on a bastard skelly or to put an end to the love of your life after she’s turned into a Deadite.

As Bones themselves describe the Army of Dark Chocolate blend:

After being teleported to a world without caffeine, Bones must search for the book of Dark Chocolate to get back home. The evil Lord DeCaf has other plans. Armed with nothin' but a rippin' chainsaw and his lone mug of dark roast coffee, Bones must vanquish his foes, find the book, and maybe even save the girl. Hell yeah, baby.

Army of Dark Chocolate is an absolute treat created with 100% Brazilian Arabica roasted perfectly dark and a splash of decadent dark chocolate flavor.

Order the Army of Dark Chocolate roast from Bones Coffee’s website.