Brazilian Thrash Queens Nervosa Are "Guided by Evil," New Album Coming in January [Video]

Can we all, finally, in the year of our lord 2020, be done with the adjective “female-fronted” in regards to metal bands? They’re so prevalent anymore, it’s not even really a niche, and shouldn’t be treated like one. Ditto for “all-female,” as there’s plenty of evidence that women can rock just as hard as any other gender.

If you still need convincing of such, look no further than Brazil’s own Nervosa, a four-piece thrash metal outfit that recently reformed after only guitarist Prika Amaral survived a nasty band break-up earlier this year. With new vocalist Diva Satanica, bassist Mia Wallace, and drummer Eleni Nota, the new iteration of Nervosa hit the ground running, recording their new album Perpetual Chaos. Now, after much anticipation, we have a single from the band, dubbed “Guided by Evil.”

The new track is blistering on all fronts, an epic death/thrash salvo that might be the heaviest damn thing to come from Brazil since the early days of Sepultura. With alternate picking galore, a crazy triplet blast beat in the pre-chorus, and feet of fire from Nota, this song is unrelenting from moment one to moment done. If anyone dare assert that thrash metal isn’t what it used to be, first off, that’s not a bad thing, but also show them this song and shut them up.

The track list for Perpetual Chaos reads as follows:

1. Venomous

2. Guided by Evil

3. People of the Abyss

4. Perpetual Chaos

5. Until the Very End

6. Genocidal Command

7. Kings of Domination

8. Time to Fight

9. Godless Prisoner

10. Blood Eagle

11. Rebel Soul

12. Pursued by Judgement

13. Under Ruins

Pre-order Perpetual Chaos, due out on January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records, here.

Join Nervosa as they are “Guided by Evil” in their music video below: