Brooklyn Post-Black Metallers Tombs Announce 'Under Sullen Skies' With Crushing Single "Barren"

Earlier this year, Brooklyn’s post-genre meets black metal experts Tombs knocked out a solid EP in Monarchy of Shadows (and a review of that is coming soon). Not content with taking a step back, and with touring being a pipe dream until at least next fall, the band has completed fifth full-length Under Sullen Skies, to be unleashed through Season of Mist on November 20th. Opening up said skies is the single “Barren,” a five and a half minute shot in the arm of black metal.

For a post-metal act, this song is rather straightforward in its adherence to black metal tropes: blast beats, octave guitar riffs, and tremolo picking for days. The guitar solo that barrels in just before the two and a half minute mark is fittingly epic, sweeping and noodling along like lead breaks in black metal have always existed. The second lead break sees some great dual guitar harmonies and some ripping drum fills, and things loop back around to the blackened brutality to send the track off into the night.

The tracklisting for Under Sullen Skies is as follows:

1. Bone Furnace

2. Void Constellation

3. Barren

4. The Hunger

5. Secrets Of The Black Sun

6. Descensum

7. We Move Like Phantoms

8. Mordum

9. Lex Talionis

10. Angel Of Darkness

11. Sombre Ruin

12. Plague Years

Listen to the skull-busting “Barren” below:

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