Cannibal Corpse Embark On A "Murderous Rampage" With Blistering New Track

The world’s most infamous, most censored, and most seasoned death metal band is just a few weeks from Violence Unimagined, as Cannibal Corpse look to release their fifteenth studio album soon. Upon the initial announcement of the impending litany of brutality, the band gave us the ripping “Inhumane Harvest,” and keeping in the vein of bloodshed, their next single is a violent, hack-and-slash affair known as “Murderous Rampage.”

This record has been described as one of the most drumming-intense in CC’s catalog, and given the first few measures of this song, it’s not hard to see why that statement tracks. It kicks off with viciousness, with the verses sticking to classic, fast death metal fare. The interlude that takes us into the bridge is full of palm-muted goodness, before throwing some descending guitar licks at us to wake us up, just in case the pain was too much.

The guitar solos are unmitigated bloodletting, with the speed being the star of the show. Speed kills, as they say, and here, it eviscerates in all the right ways. It sounds like essential Cannibal Corpse because, well, is there such a thing as a Cannibal Corpse record that isn’t worth hearing?

Pre-order Violence Unimagined, due out on April 16th,via the Metal Blade online store, and stream “Murderous Rampage” below:


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