'Cannibal Holocaust' Game 'Cannibal' Retitled as 'Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare', New Trailer Released

Announced back in April in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ruggero Deodato's infamous and controversial Cannibal Holocaust, Fantastico Studio's upcoming video game has this week received a new trailer and name change.

Originally titled Cannibal, the game serves as the fourth entry in Deodato's original cannibal film trilogy (Jungle Holocaust, Cannibal Holocaust, Cut and Run) and has been retitled as Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare, a much more formidable title, if I do say so myself.

"Based on a completely new screenplay, Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare is an original chapter in the famous cannibal cinematic line, representing a brand-new episode of the saga."

Created with the direction and script of Ruggero Deodato, and the original drawings of Solo Macello, players will take control of different characters, to reveal, little by little, the background that led them to a desperate expedition to the virgin jungles of Borneo. And of course, get to discover the end of the story, destined to shake from the foundations every certainty acquired during the game.

The horror graphic adventure is slated for launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the summer of 2021.

Check out the brand new trailer below.


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