Celebrate the Return of Nemesis with Capcom's 'Resident Evil 3' Launch Trailer

Resident Evil 3 Launch Trailer

Just in case you've lost all track of time and date during your time in quarantine, it's Friday, April 3rd, and that means Capcom's reimagined version of Resident Evil 3 has finally arrived!

To celebrate the game's launch, Capcom have released a launch trailer that showcases the game's graphical overhaul and action horror gameplay. It also reveals that Jill Valentine will be added as a playable Survivor in Resident Evil Resistance, an online asymmetrical 4 versus 1 multiplayer game included with Resident Evil 3, on April 17th.

"The pulse-pounding narrative of Resident Evil 3 bookends the events of last year’s award-winning Resident Evil 2. Putting players in the role of S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, Resident Evil 3 follows her desperate escape from a city torn apart from the inside by zombies and other horrifying creatures. Blocking her path is the seemingly unstoppable and brutally intelligent bioweapon Nemesis – one of the series’ most notorious adversaries. Jill is not alone in her endeavor to escape – players can also experience a slice of the chaos of Raccoon City as unexpected ally Carlos Oliveira, a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) who’s on a mission to evacuate civilians."

RE3 is available now in North America and Europe both physically and as a digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and digital-only on Steam.