Carach Angren Premiere Third New Single "Operation Compass"

Symphonic metal masters of horror Carach Angren have unveiled the third new single from their upcoming 6th full-length, Franckensteina Strataemontanus, titled "Operation Compass". "'Operation Compass' will take you back to the sceneries of World War II in North Africa. British forces were instructed to use Dippel's bone oil to poison water wells in case of a retreat, hence the connection to the conceptual story on the album," said Carach Angren. "Listen and watch the phenomenal lyric video, once again done by Tamara/ Aimed & Framed, as this battle turns into a gruesome fata morgana."

You can also check out the previously released tracks, "Monster" and "Der Vampir von Nürnberg".

If these first three singles serve as any indication, Carach Angren's new studio effort is sure to be one of the best metal offerings of 2020.

Franckensteina Strataemontanus is set to be released on June 26th via Season of Mist.

Listen to "Operation Compass" below.


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