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Carach Angren Unleash Pounding New Single "Monster"

Updated: Mar 28

Carach Angren have been conjuring up aural nightmares since 2003, and with their latest slab of symphonic black metal rounding the corner, they have a rhythmic, frightening preview in the form of “Monster.”

With a more percussive approach, this song is told from the perspective of an unnamed maniac, describing his mental state and intentions against a bevy of tremolo picking, orchestral arrangement, and a thumping bass line.

“Monster” is the first cut from Franckensteina Strataemontanus, which is slated for release through Season of Mist Records on May 29th. It is described as being a concept album, centering around the life, times, and crimes of Johann Conrad Dippel, an occultist and scientist who has been alleged to have inspired the classic Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley story Frankenstein. Without going into too much gory detail here, one look at the man’s work assures that he is perfect lyrical material for a black metal record.

Watch the lyric video for “Monster” here.


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