Chapter XVIII of 'Dead by Daylight' Gets 15 Second Teaser, Theories Arise on Killer Identity

After a contentious Halloween event centered around new Killer The Blight, Dead by Daylight looks to the future, which of course means it’s time for the speculation around who the new Killer will be. If Behaviour have given us an inch with the new teaser trailer, the fanbase is taking a mile and then some, as the trailer gives very little indication of what to expect.

The trailer is a brief scene with a woodsy background, before a clawed hand slashes across the foreground, splattering blood and evoking a scream that breaks the silence before cutting to black as quickly as we opened. This confirms nothing, but the forums and social media platforms are taking off with their guesses and game theories. The prevailing prospect is the wendigo, a First Nations mythical creature that was used in the 2015 cinematic horror game Until Dawn. While this could track, given that its origins lie partially in the studio’s native Canada, the creature’s ties to First Nations people makes any portrayal one that will be closely watched and (perhaps rightfully) criticized.

If I may offer an alternative to this line of potentially appropriating thinking, this new Killer could be The Witch from Left 4 Dead. The scream let out by the off-camera figure before the slash is at least reminiscent of the zombie co-op game’s sub-boss, and with Behaviour having previously done business with Valve, hence why we have Bill as a Survivor, we could see The Witch join the ranks of the Killers. There’s a backstory to be developed as to how she was pre-infection and succumbing to the virus, and of any of the Special Infected, she’s the only one besides The Tank (who would be OP in DBD, let’s be frank) that feels like a genuine threat in an isolated incident.

See the teaser below: