Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle Come Together for Spellbinding Track "Anhedonia"

What’s better than one powerhouse vocalist? Two powerhouse vocalists.

What’s better than two powerhouse vocalists? The pairing of Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe.

What’s better than that? Trick question.

As far as modern Southern gothic music is concerned, there are no two greater forces than Chelsea Wolfe, with her tracks such as “Deranged for Rock and Roll,” and Emma Ruth Rundle, whose recent collaboration with doom metallers Thou has made for some ground-shaking, doom-flavored fare. Combined, their power is well over nine thousand, as evidenced by their collaborative track “Anhedonia.”

Acoustic guitars and low synths are the only real instruments at play, this song using a “less is more” approach and getting out of the singers’ ways. When their voices weave into one another for the second chorus, magic happens. This is everything the song should be, given the players at hand here. Get out of the way, let these songstresses do what they do best, and give them just enough of a canvas to paint upon.

Stream/purchase the song here, check out the video for “Anhedonia” below:


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