'Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things' Coming to 4K Ultra HD for 50th Anniversary in October

Even though director Bob Clark made his mark on Hollywood with films as diverse as Porky's, A Christmas Story and Black Christmas, he began his career with 1972's Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, which is coming to 4K Ultra HD just in time for Halloween!

VCI Entertainment will bring the imaginative zombie tale to 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD in celebration of its 50th anniversary on October 11th, 2022.

Special Features include:

  • NEW Video Introduction and Q&A with Alan Ormsby

  • NEW 90-minute Video Documentary "The Horror Films of Bob Clark" with new interviews with Ken Goch (producer), (Andy in Deathdream), Lynne Griffin (Clare in Black Christmas), Art Hindle from Black Christmas, Paul Zaza (composer), Chris Alexander Bob expert/ex Fangoria editor and Simon Fitzjohn author of the Bob Clark book.

Alan Ormsby, who also wrote Paul Schrader's remake of Cat People and directed the cult horror film Deranged, penned the script and stars as Alan, a flamboyant theater director who brings his company - whom he condescendingly refers to as his "children" - to a rotting graveyard on a fogbound island. There he begins a ceremony to raise the dead, but it's all an elaborate practical joke, just another mind game by the would-be demagogue... or so he thinks. As Alan continues his midnight games of manipulation and degradation, it turns out the joke's on him as the graveyard rises to life.

Both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things: 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition are now up for pre-order on Amazon. Pre-orders for the 4K Ultra HD version are currently being taken on DiabolikDVD.com.