Chris LaMartina Unveils First Teaser for 'WNUF Halloween Sequel'

I was first introduced to the work of writer/director duo Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George a few years back when I reviewed their wonderfully campy 2014 film Call Girl of Cthulu, which led me to seek out their 2013 film WNUF Halloween Special.

If you're just now hearing about WNUF Halloween Special, it's a horror-comedy with fake news and commercials section that was filmed on old video cameras to make it look like a real VHS recording of a commercial television station's Halloween special from 1987.

Being that WNUF Halloween Special has become an annual spooky season watch for many horror fans over the last few years, myself included, we're very excited to learn that a sequel is on the way!

Taking to social media this morning, director Chris LaMartina has shared the very first teaser for WNUF Halloween Sequel. Check it out below!

LaMartina writes, "Trick or treat, weirdos. Proud to unveil the WNUF Halloween Sequel teaser today. Looking forward to feeding your VCRs and seeing you at screenings this fall. World premiere info coming soon!"

While the teaser doesn't really offer up any details at all regarding the sequel, it features that organic retro aesthetic we all know and love from the first film. Stay tuned for more info!