Cinematic "Elite Deletion" Match Announced for AEW 'Full Gear' on November 7

Last month at AEW All Out, during a Broken Rules match, Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara made the absolute worst kind of headlines, as Hardy took a fall through a table off of a scissor lift, cracking his head on the concrete floor below. It is widely believed that this accident concussed Hardy, and the company caught some major flak for letting the match continue beyond this horrific fall. Between this and the errant chair toss that left Hardy a bloody mess weeks prior, it would be understandable for the bearer of Broken Brilliance to step away and call it a career, right?

This is one of the six men of the TLC phase of the Attitude Era, and he’s still got it.

Last week on Dynamite, it was announced that Matt Hardy would battle Sammy Guevara once again at Full Gear, only this time in an Elite Deletion match, to take place at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, NC. This will follow the previous lineage of 2016’s Final Deletion in IMPACT Wrestling, as well as that federation’s Tag Team Apocalypto, as well as WWE’s Ultimate Deletion. And if you’re not sure what any of that means, this is a great time to inform you that part four of my Cinematic Wrestling column will be all about the Broken/Woken incarnation of The Unkillable Matt Hardy. Be on the lookout for that in the lead-up to Full Gear.

To give you the Cliff Notes version, though, this is essentially a lights out match, in which anything goes, anything can happen, and falls count anywhere in the compound. It is insanity, it is the gonzo side of professional wrestling, and in this time of wrestling in the age of Pandemia, damn it, it just makes sense to put this on Pay-Per-View.

AEW Full Gear will air live on Pay-Per-View on Saturday, November 7th.

See the trailer for the Elite Deletion match below: