clipping. Announce New Album 'Visions of Bodies Being Burned,' Due Out In October

Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing There Existed an Addiction to Blood by industrial hip-hop marvels clipping. Say what you will about sequels, but the prospect of an immediate follow-up to one of the strongest albums of the year gives some of us something to look forward to, and don’t we all need that right about now? Clearly, the trio led by rapper/actor/renaissance man Daveed Diggs feels that way, and as such, a new album has been slated for October 23, titled Visions of Bodies Being Burned.

Says the band about the album:

“In the horror genre, sequels are perfunctory. As the insufferable film bro Randy explains in Scream 2, “There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to create a successful sequel. Number one: the body count is always bigger. Number two: the death scenes are always much more elaborate—more blood, more gore. Carnage candy. And number three: never, ever, under any circumstances, assume the killer is dead.” Last Halloween, Los Angeles experimental rap mainstays Clipping ended their three-year silence with the horrorcore-inspired album There Existed an Addiction to Blood. This October, rapper Daveed Diggs, and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson return with an even higher body count, more elaborate kills, and monsters that just won’t stay dead.”

Gotta love a band that knows their horror tropes.

The track listing looks like this:

1. Intro

2. Say the Name

3. Wytchboard (Interlude)

4. ‘96 Neve Campbell (ft. Cam and China)

5. Something Underneath

6. Make Them Dead

7. She Bad

8. Invocation (Interlude) (ft. Greg Stuart)

9. Pain Everyday (with Michael Esposito)

10. Check the Lock

11. Looking Like Meat (ft. Ho99o9)

12. Drove (Interlude)

13. Eaten Alive (ft. Jeff Parker and Ted Byrnes)

14. Body for the Pile (with SICKNESS)

15. Enlacing

16. Secret Piece

Before we go any further, a clipping./Ho99o9 collaboration is something I didn’t know I needed, and I’m kicking myself for not wanting it sooner.

As a trailer of sorts for said sequel, clipping. have released the first single from the album, “Say the Name.” The track is a mid-tempo murder, with Daveed’s delivery monotone and methodical throughout. The lyrics get horrific and brutal, as they are wont to do for the group. This isn’t a quick kill, no. “Say the Name” is a thorough dissection, taking their sweet time to collect everything they need.

Stream the new track “Say the Name” and/or pre-order Visions of Bodies Being Burned below: