Code Orange Release Animated Music Video for "Autumn and Carbine"

Code Orange made a mother of an impact last year, from their chart-topping and Album of the Year list-topping album Underneath to their several livestream events, including the MTV Unplugged throwback that was Under the Skin. Add in a Grammy nomination for said album announced at the tail end of 2020, and the Pittsburgh five-piece had a year to behold.

To open their artistic and creative year, the band has released an animated music video for the song “Autumn and Carbine,” written by drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan and animated by percussionist/programmer Eric “Shade” Balderose. The grunge-influenced, rock-forward track gets a gorgeous video treatment, inciting memories of games like Borderlands, Rock Band and Saints Row at different moments. The band is seen walking through a metropolitan area in robotic suits of armor, as they set out to storm the lair of an unnamed mob boss of sorts, who gets taken out, Scarface-style.

After the assault, the girl at the computer, played by singer/guitarist Reba Meyers, comes to, shaking off the unconsciousness she found herself in before the video game portion of the video set out. One can assume that after this, she went back to getting harassed in the Discord server she was in at video’s start, probably getting harassed for not being a “real gamer,” whatever the hell that means.

Underneath is available now via Roadrunner Records. Read our review here, and stream/purchase the album here.

Check out the video for “Autumn and Carbine” below: