Corey Taylor Teams with Menotti's for "CMFT" Coffee Blend

CMFT can’t be stopped.

Corey Taylor put out his debut solo album CMFT earlier this fall, with the result being a hodgepodge of rock, hip-hop, and folk music serving as a reflection of the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer’s lifestyle and influences. From the nu metal-nodding “CMFT Must Be Stopped” to the hard-rocking “HWY 666,” the album is a mixed bag, but it’s objectively a solid record from one of the foremost voices in modern rock and metal music. On top of this, he wrote a horror film late last year, and co-stars in the upcoming Halloween horror Bad Candy, and has hinted at the fact that Slipknot is working on a new album in lockdown. Which begs the question, does this motherfucker ever sleep.

In an effort to continue to live up to the mantle of hardest-working SOB in the music business, Taylor has now teamed up with Menotti’s, a coffee roaster from Venice Beach, CA, to release a special blend of coffee named for the CMFT record. It’s listed as having a “deeper roast flavor,” with notes of dark chocolate and a developed sweetness.

Says Menotti’s about the CMFT Private Blend:

Friends that love a deeper roast flavor, with just a hint of excitement peeking around the corner ready to ride a Rainbow in the Dark.

We wanted to create something with Corey Taylor that gave you that same comfortable and cozy feeling you get from a really good cup of diner coffee after you’ve been riding on HWY 666.

Full bodied coffee so it is perfect for those of us who like their coffee "strong” or for those who love a little cream & sugar.

Origin: Brazil & Ethiopia

Variety: Bourbon / Heirloom

Elevation: 1100 - 1700 masl

Process: Various

The roast is available through Menotti’s online storefront, which you can find here.


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