Cradle of Filth Team with Pitch Black North to Release Their Own Satanic Breakfast Teas

I can take no credit for this joke but… "Cruel Tea Brought Thee Orchids."

Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth made a peculiar announcement over the weekend. After ensuring that the band’s next album is in the works and due out later this year, he mentioned that the band has teamed up with Pitch Black North, a self-professed Satanic tea company, to bring forth two blends of English breakfast tea for your vulgar delectation.

Some bands have their own beer, others have whiskey. While my first guess for Cradle would have been absinthe, if only for the "Absinthe with Faust" reference, this is also a great change of pace for the metal merchandising game.

The collaboration features two blends. Dark Blood is a traditional English breakfast tea, while Sweetest Maleficia is an English breakfast blend bolstered with blueberry and vanilla. Each blend can be bought individually, or in a double pack. For those in need of infusers, there is a pack with both blends of tea, as well as three tea balls, each with their own sigil of Lilith, Leviathan, and Lucifer attached. The sigils come courtesy of Northwest Jewellery.

The teas are available now, while the tea ball bundle is currently in pre-order, slated for August 7th. For more information and to purchase, check out


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