Cradle of Filth Team with VE Cosmetics for "Deadly Night Shades" Eyeshadow Palette

Painting flowers white never suited my palette.

As if the collaborations with Satanic tea crafters Pitch Black North or the guitars made in conjunction with Vorona weren’t enough branding, English extreme metal legends Cradle of Filth have partnered with VE Cosmetics for a devilish collection of shades of the deadly night variety, just in time to get all dolled up - or perhaps, mannequinned up - for your next Zoom meeting or Skype call.

The Deadly Night Shades palette features nine different eyeshadows, each named after one of the band’s classics of gothic black metal calamity. From the royal purple of Midian to the sparkling gold of Vempire, these shades are intensely pigmented to make drab look achingly beautiful. And while cruelty may have brought thee orchids, it was not used in the making of this palette, as it is certified vegan and cruelty-free.

From the makers VE Cosmetics:

From poisonous Metallers Cradle Of Filth and the bewitching mind of VE Cosmetics comes a collaborative make-up palette forged in the very fires of Hell itself.

Thematically represented by various and nefarious Cradle Of Filth album titles, each titular shade coffined therein embodies the essence of those attributed musical canvasses, granting the wearer instant bewitchment and an achingly beautiful countenance to boot.

The grotesqueries of evil never looked so good!

The Deadly Night Shades palette is available to order on the VE Cosmetics store.