Cthulhu Will Join the Pantheon of Playable Gods in 'Smite' Next Month

Cthulhu comes to Smite in June

Cthulhu, The Great Dreamer, has awoken from his eternal slumber. Prepare for a power the likes of which no one has ever seen. Prepare for madness!

It was announced today that Cthulhu will be coming to Hi-Rez Studios' free-to-play action MOBA Smite! Set to be one of the most memorable God releases in the history of the game, Cthulhu will join the newly created "Great Old Ones" pantheon in mid-June.

More details on the H. P. Lovecraft-created entity's unique gameplay features can be found below.

Cthulhu Gameplay Features:

  • Just as in the stories, Cthulhu will be able to drive enemy gods insane, causing them to experience a wide array of effects – including a whole new set of audio/visual confusion elements

  • Cthulhu then feeds on the gods’ madness. He can hit insane gods with a specific ability to “Break” them. He becomes permanently tankier each time he successfully Breaks a god. 

  • A unique scale. Cthulhu is in a distinctly unique size range that is larger than all the usual gods, but not as tall as Jormungandr. It should be noted that Cthulhu will move, attack, and be attacked within the usual Smite play space. 

  • This scale concept is pushed to the limits during his ultimate ability, which changes his visual appearance while making him the largest god in Smite history to remain within the traditional play space while scaled up. 

"We want Smite’s Cthulhu to stay true to his literary depiction, while making him a fierce and intimidating monster – an iconic part of his modern interpretations," said Smite Design Director A.J. Walker. "Our top priority on Cthulhu’s visual design was to ensure he was immediately recognizable as Cthulhu, while still adding a Smite twist to him. We wanted to make our own Cthulhu, while not taking anything away from his historical depiction."

He adds, "Cthulhu is large and magical by nature, so he fit into the Guardian Class for Smite. His evil themes led to abilities that were rather aggressive. Cthulhu will likely excel in the Solo lane and possibly the Duo lane. He is capable of mitigating a huge amount of damage, and can lock down many enemies while dealing out decent damage."

All details about Cthulhu will be available on the Smite website beginning May 27th, following the Update Show, happening on Smite’s Twitch channel on the same day at 3pm ET.

Check out the announcement trailer below.