Cult Epics Launch Indiegogo Campaign for "Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain" Hardcover Book

Cult Epics, the distributor behind some of our favorite Blu-ray releases in recent years, such as Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jorg Buttgereit and In a Glass Cage, have announced they will be producing a photography book of legendary punk-rock photographer Edward Colver’s photographs of Christian Death from 1981-1982, during the incarnation of the album Only Theatre of Pain.

Cult singer, poet, artist Rozz Williams hanged himself after the edit of PIG, the film I shot with him in 1998," said Cult Epics' Nico B. "We would like to dedicate this book to his ongoing legacy. This is the second book I am doing on him, the first being The Art of Rozz Williams: From Christian Death to Death (Last Gasp 1999 SC, Cult Epics 2017 HC), both now out of print."

Cult Epics' goal is to produce an oversized book (available in soft and hardcover editions) of Edward's many rare and never before seen iconic photos, and go behind-the-scenes through interviews with him and the original band members to tell the story, and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to achieve this goal.

In honor of Only Theatre of Pain’s 40th anniversary, in collaboration with Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records, Cult Epics are offering an exclusive, limited edition box set which includes the hardcover book plus a newly produced, double vinyl gatefold of Only Theatre of Pain that includes a bonus LP of demos and bonus tracks.

The Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain 12.25"x12.25" hardcover book will feature approximately 208 pages, with over 400 images and text. You can preview the book and learn more about Christian Death below.

Christian Death is an American death rock band formed in Pomona, California, in 1979 by Rozz Williams. He was eventually joined by guitarist Rikk Agnew of the band Adolescents, James McGearty on bass guitar and George Belanger on drums. This line-up was responsible for producing the band's best-known work, their 1982 debut album Only Theatre of Pain, which was highly influential in the development of the style of music known as deathrock, as well as on the American gothic scene.

To this day, this landmark Death Rock album stands the test of time, and is now a classic in the Goth scene. Legendary L.A. punk rock photographer Edward Colver followed Christian Death around in the early 1980s, photographing them when they played live in the Los Angeles area and also at a cemetery in Pomona, as well as at Rozz's family home.