Damien Leone Offers Updates on 'Terrifier 2,' Calls It "The 'Apocalypse Now' Of Indie Horror"

All due respect to Halloween Kills and all, but I think the wait for Terrifier 2 has been a bit more agonizing. The 2016 original took the horror world by storm for its shocking violence, the unforgettable Art the Clown, and its kitschy, throwback slasher presentation. We’ve waited for four, going on five years to see just how in the hell writer/director/editor Damien Leone is going to top that hacksaw scene in the upcoming sequel, and while mum’s the word for the time being on it, the creator of Art the Clown’s saga isn’t keeping entirely tight-lipped.

The official Terrifier 2 Facebook page has been updated with the following:

“You might like to know I have already assembled a rough 1 hr and 30 minutes of Terrifier 2! Based on what I have left to edit, I'm projecting the final film to clock in at around the 2 hour mark! I know that's not typical of slasher films but then again this isn't your typical slasher film. Like I just told my buddy Marcus over the phone, this is the Apocalypse Now of indie horror films (in my head anyway.... Francis Ford Coppola would laugh and then spit in my face for that comment!) But, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the long run time....”

Two full hours is ungodly long for the slasher genre, which historically works best at the 80-90 minute mark, but if the extended runtime means more gloriously fucked-up kills, can we really complain? And the beauty of this being an independent production means that length won’t get gutted without Leone’s say-so.

In addition to this prophetic update on the film, a new image of Art the Clown has been unveiled, in which he looks “meaner and bloodier than ever.” The photo was captured by Jeff Harris, who has also shared a couple more shots of Art on his page.

Check out the stills below, and get excited for Terrifier 2, due out sometime this year, come hell, high water, or hacksaw.