Danny Blu's "White (K)night" Gets a Sexually-Charged Music Video

At the beginning of this month, Danny Blu (Echo Black) brought us a scintillating dark pop EP in The Pale Horse, which I found hard not to fall in love with. Bringing synthpop, industrial, and hard rock together for a delectable seven tracks, the release is among my personal favorites of the year, with one of the most lasting songs being “White (K)night.” Now, the stigma-breaking Blu has put out a haunting and symbolic music video for that track, as it joins “Bubble,” “Burn,” and “Sanctuary” in the music video repertoire for Blu.

The video is a dark fantasy through a queer lens, with a scantily-clad and glammed-up Blu the subject of an experiment of some kind. With haunting monochrome filters and the occasional gratuitous crotch shot, this is a disturbing and beautiful video, directed by Marco Palou with production design by Z Behl. Hypnotic and drab, just like the man’s music, it’s a video that demands multiple viewings.

See the scandalous video for “White (K)night” below: