Danny Elfman Releases New Song "Sorry," With Visualizer Video Once Intended for Coachella

From The Simpsons to The Nightmare Before Christmas, to Oingo Boingo and his solo work, the music of Danny Elfman has been a force across the entertainment industry for nearly four decades. His whimsical scores have permeated the soundtracks of some of our favorite works of film and television, though some may have no idea of Elfman’s work as a solo artist, as well as his work with his new wave project Oingo Boingo.

Within the last couple of months, Elfman has released his first solo material in over three decades, bringing us the anti-pop anthem “Happy” and, most recently, the cacophonous “Sorry.” Both songs were specifically written to be performed at Coachella, and were his first solo tracks since his 1984 album So-Lo, and they follow a recent announcement for Elfman: on the 11th day of every month for the foreseeable future, he will release a new song.

Literally music you can set your watch to. Or smartphone. Modern problems and so on.

“Sorry” leans more in the vein of progressive rock, and sees a host of music icons join Elfman’s ranks. Josh Freese, known for his session work and his time with A Perfect Circle and Devo, lends his drumming to the song, while Robin Finck (ex-Nine Inch Nails, ex-Guns n Roses) and former Cirque du Soleil musician Nili Brosh play guitar on the track. The music video was intended to be used for Elfman’s performance at Coachella last year, but we all know what happened to that and every other damn thing in 2020, so let’s not and say we did, eh?

Check out the video for “Sorry” below:


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