David Hasselhoff Teams With Electro-Metal Duo CueStack for 'Through the Night' EP

Hey, at least this is a “what the fuck?” moment that hurts precisely no one. Thanks for that, I guess, 2020.

David Hasselhoff, the certified most-watched man on television himself, has partnered with electronic metal act CueStack for an EP called Through the Night. While this is far from The Hoff’s first foray into the music world, it is his first in just over a year, after his album Open Your Eyes dropped last September.

Says the band about this special project:

“This is the Baywatch and Knight Rider star's very first metal performance! The collaboration started in 2018 and the ultimate goal was to create a metal project with the most-watched man on TV, showing the world his heavy side. David recorded the track with CueStack in 2019 in Vienna where they also shot this epic music video together.”

The EP is available now on all streaming platforms, featuring three versions of the title track “Through the Night”: the original, a retro synthwave remix by Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, and an acoustic remix featuring Daniel Fellner. As far as the original track, the music video for which is below, it’s a classic metal tone with plenty of shred, like Judas Priest met up with DragonForce and threw in some electronic elements for kicks.

CueStack has released a physical EP for this project, as well as associated merch, including a box set containing the CD, gym bag, poster, an autograph card, and snapback hat. There is also an Ultimate Box Set which also includes campus shorts and a T-shirt, as well as everything in the standard box set. All corresponding Through the Night merch can be found on the CueStack webstore.

Stream the entire EP below as well:


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