'Dead by Daylight: All-Kill' DLC Chapter To Drop This Tuesday

This coming Tuesday, March 30th, marks the advent of chapter nineteen to Dead by Daylight’s DLC saga. All-Kill includes the knife-throwing, simp-growing Trickster (Lady Dimitrescu sends her regards, by the way) and Yun-Jin Lee, both of whom made their bones in the cutthroat, ruthless K-pop music scene through their involvement with NO SPIN. Developed in coordination with music producer Kevin Woo, whose credits include BTS, Swivel, and U-KISS, this may be one of the more “out of left field” chapters in the nearly five year history of this asymmetrical animal, but it’s intriguing nevertheless.

The big takeaway for The Trickster’s power is his ability to throw small knives at Survivors to ramp up their respective Laceration Meters, which will cause overall damage when filled. If he gets enough throwing knife hits off, The Trickster can bring in the Main Event and go absolutely bonkers with his blades. As for his Perks, he can punish altruism and hinder Survivors who go for the save, as well as ruin the days of Survivors who do manage to get enough Generators completed.

As for Yun-Jin, she is pretty great at saving her own ass, particularly when her fellow Survivors are in a pinch. She also can get a pseudo-Sprint Burst if she can manage a well-timed Pallet stun. She moves fast, thinks fast, and doesn’t do well with weakness.

This is the final chapter before the game’s fifth anniversary this June, meaning we’re most likely due for a licensed Killer and/or Survivor. And if Behaviour are looking for some possible choices, I have some suggestions… see my columns “You Tried to Make Me a Killer” and “Children of the Campfire” for those.

In the meantime, see the reveal trailers for The Trickster and Yun-Jin below, and get ready for All-Kill this Tuesday, March 30th.


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