'Dead by Daylight' Drops Next-Gen Trailers On The Eve of the New Era

As you’re reading this, the new generation of console gaming will have officially begun, as the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S will be released. Many titles in the soon to be previous generation have already had upgrades and progress carry-over, and among those is the smash hit multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight. The advent of the new hardware brought us “The Realm Beyond,” a series of graphical and mechanical improvements which will reflect more upon the new generation than on the old, but nevertheless, the changes, while subtle to some untrained eyes, make the game smoother and sleeker than ever before.

‘Cuz if you’re gonna run from The Doctor, might as well do it in style, amirite?

The new trailers gloss over the highlights, which include the long-awaited crossplay, the host of horror icons that make up the Killer roster, and the gorgeous and gory environments in which to kill or die. While we may be unsure of the new Killer’s identity, based on the most recent teaser, support for the game will remain consistent across all platforms, a testament to the dedication that Behaviour Interactive has for its millions-strong player base.

While the trailers are visually the same, I realize that not everyone is a Sony fan like myself, so included below are both the Playstation and Xbox trailers, out of fairness.