'Dead by Daylight' Gets New Chapter, Map Updates, And A Holiday Event Starting Tomorrow

As we head into the final month of this godforsaken year, Dead by Daylight looks to ring in the wintry months with plenty of content to keep any snowed-in Fog dwellers satisfied for weeks and months to come. In addition to the new DLC chapter A Binding of Kin dropping tomorrow, the developers will also be instating a holiday event, as well as giving two classic maps a new coat of paint each, as part of the ongoing “The Realm Beyond” updates.

The new Spotlight trailer breaks down the powers and Perks of both of our new characters, The Twins and Elodie Rakoto. The “Binding of Kin” DLC is set to be released for all platforms tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1st.

The Twins’ Power, known as Blood Bond, allows the Killer to control either Charlotte or Victor at any given time. If the player controls Charlotte while Victor is out on the trial grounds, he can trigger Killer Instinct for his sister if a Survivor gets within range of him. This does leave Victor vulnerable to getting crushed, which will despawn him from the map momentarily, at least long enough to be rebirthed through the conjoined area on Charlotte’s body. While the player controls Victor, he can pounce on a Survivor, which will damage the Survivor. Pouncing on a healthy Survivor will also allow Victor to latch onto that Survivor, which inflicts not only Broken and Oblivious status effects, but also the new Incapacitated status.

The Twins’ natural Perks are Hoarder, Oppression, and Coup de Grace.

Hoarder creates a Loud Noise notification when a Survivor interacts with either a chest or a dropped item within range of the Killer. This Perk also spawns additional chests if possible, as well as reduces the rarity of items that are within said chests. Oppression damages additional Generators when the Killer damages a Generator. If a Survivor is working on a Generator that is damaged in this way, that Survivor has to face a difficult Skill Check with painful consequences. Coup de Grace earns a Token upon the completion of a Generator. These Tokens can be consumed to increase the reach of a lunge attack, allowing the Killer to close the distance and get a hit off from a greater distance than usual.

Elodie’s natural Perks are Appraisal, Deception, and Power Struggle.

Appraisal starts with three Tokens at the beginning of a trial. The Perk allows for faster chest searches, as well as the ability to consume a Token and search through a chest which has already been opened. Deception allows the Survivor to fake opening a locker during a sprint, and this action also disables scratch marks for a few seconds to make for a cleaner getaway. Power Struggle allows the Survivor to drop a Pallet while being carried if they make enough progress on their wiggle towards escape.

The third wave of “The Realm Beyond” tweaks brings reworkings of two maps, Autohaven Wreckers and Ormond. These visuals make for a smoother, more visible experience, as right away, the visibility on those maps is improved between old and new versions. Players who may have complained about the game being too dark in some areas may have had their prayers answered, especially with the new Autohaven realm. These updates will come with a new patch, again set to release tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1st.

Finally, the holiday event this year is the Advent Calendar. In addition to updates to the Ugly Sweater collection, login rewards such as Bloodpoints will be available from December 1st to January 3rd. A number of cosmetics will also be attainable via Redeem Codes, so it may behoove players to keep tabs on Behaviour’s social media pages. The blog post also clarifies that this, like some other events, will be treated as celebrations, with more attention and importance given to the Anniversary and Halloween events for obvious reasons. This delineation comes in the wake of the Eternal Blight event, which received mixed reviews from longtime players.

See the official trailers for "A Binding of Kin" and the third installment of "The Realm Beyond," and read the full breakdown of the Advent Calendar event here.


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