'Dead by Daylight' Prepares for "Eternal Blight" Halloween Event

It’s the actual most wonderful time of the year, and our favorite asymmetrical horror game is celebrating as only it can. For the third year running, Dead by Daylight is bringing back its Halloween event, this year known as the Eternal Blight. Previously the Hallowed Blight and the Withered Blight, this year’s in-game special takes on a whole new meaning, with the recent addition of Talbot Grimes, codenamed The Blight.

Perhaps the most interesting add-ons for the event are the Blight Serum and the Refined Serum, used by Killers and Survivors, respectively. The Killer version of the serum grants the user the Blighted Rush ability, which is more or less part one of The Blight’s actual ability. Using it allows you to dash forward for a period of time, without the ability of attacking during the rush. If The Blight uses the serum, it grants him a free Rush token instead, since it’s his native power. The Survivor’s version of the Serum allows for boosted movement speed for a short time, with the cost of a Blight trail running behind them for that same duration, presumably the same way the scratch marks trail a sprinting Survivor.

In addition, Survivors will be able to get a Broken Bulb add-on for the flashlights, which increases the duration and brightness (and spookiness) of the tool, at the cost of a flickering bulb that may affect its blinding power. On the subject of Survivor items, both the All Hallows’ Eve lunchbox medkit and the Will O’ Wisp flashlight have been re-enabled and will be possible to grab from the Bloodweb.

And finally, and perhaps most crucially for an event, the Pustula Petals offering returns, which will add Blighted Hooks and Generators when burned before a trial. Fixing a Blighted Generator or putting a Survivor on a Blighted Hook will grant a substantial Bloodpoint bonus, and even if no one burns a Petal offering, one of each special object will appear in the trial grounds throughout the event.

The Eternal Blight will run from October 21st to November 4th. To see the full breakdown, check out the latest developer livestream below: