'Dead by Daylight' Teases "Chains of Hate" Chapter In Old West-Style Trailer

Chains of Hate Teaser Dead by Daylight

The latest chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight has been formally announced. Titled “Chains of Hate,” the fifteenth addition to the asymmetrical survival horror game will add “The Deathslinger” Caleb Quinn to the Killer roster, while bringing Zarina Kassir to the Survivor lineup. After the standard time in the public test build, this content is rumored to be coming to us this Tuesday, March 10th, as we approach the fourth anniversary of the game proper.

The Deathslinger utilizes a harpoon-like weapon called The Redeemer, spearing a Survivor on a hit and allowing him to drag them towards him. Even if the Survivor is able to break away and use the environment to break the chain, the damage done amounts to the Deep Wound effect and a brief stun for the Killer. His perks Gearhead and Dead Man’s Switch focus on Generators, with the latter being an Obsession perk, while Hex: Retribution reveals Survivor Auras following a broken Hex.

Zarina Kassir is a Lebanon-born documentarian driven by finding the truth, following the murder of her father by a ruthless gang member. Her perks lend to a sneakier, guerrilla style of survival, and her perk For The People could give Claudette Morel a run for her money in the altruism department.

Watch the trailer below.