'Dead by Daylight' Teases the Next Chapter DLC, Leading to Lots of Speculation [Video]

It’s that time again, as we gear up for the next big chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight, the first of the year five roadmap outlined in this past June’s anniversary livestream. Today, the game’s official Twitter account released a short teaser clip, which could shed some light on the next featured characters.

There are a couple of working theories about this character, most likely the Killer, as more or less every pack’s teasers focus on the Killers first and foremost. The first theory is that the killer will be a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde type, using a transformation power. Listening to the audio in the teaser, you can hear glass shattering, which could coincide with a beaker or other container from which one would drink (even though you shouldn’t drink from lab equipment, ever, and I shouldn’t even have to point to a horror movie to explain that one).

The other theory is that this character, whose shadow is the only part of them that we see, is Vigo, a character we only know of from the flavor text of various offerings and items (i.e. Vigo’s Jar of Salty Lips). It was Vigo that extracted some Putrid Serum from a horrific-looking plant, which serves as the inciting event for the Hallowed Blight and Hallowed Catalyst events around our favorite time of the year. And while not canon as of this printing, there is speculation that, given his time spent researching The Entity and the workings of The Void, he may be The Alchemist, to whom we are introduced in Tome I of the Rift.

Based on previous releases, the next chapter will likely be out around this time next month, and by then we’ll have our fair shares of answers as to who this new character could be. For now, crossplay has made it to the game, and this reporter says it’s about fucking time.