Dead Sled Coffee's Next Offering Honors Vincent Price with a Light Roast

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to hear of the collaboration between horror aficionados Dead Sled Coffee and revered actor Robert Englund, which gave us the Nightmare roast. Just before Halloween, the roasters are breathing life into their first-ever light roast, and using a certified horror icon to do so.

Dead Sled have announced their new Vincent Price roast, just days after the anniversary of the legendary actor's passing in 1993. While "light" is not usually a word one would associate with Price, but Dead Sled have previously featured a pumpkin spice coffee bearing his name and likeness. The roasters explain the details of his new namesake brew:

"For some time now, we've been asked when we're going to do a light roast coffee. That time is now! Our brand new Officially Licensed Vincent Price Light Roast will be available soon!

Light roasts are actually very flavorful coffees and retain more of the beans original essence.

They are bright and have a more complex flavor profile than a dark roast. They are also less bitter and are a coffee that are almost always enjoyed black.

The mouth feel in a light roast is different too. It’s not as thick or rich as a dark roast. It’s a cleaner feeling on the tongue.

The bottom line? When you are ordering a light roast you are tasting a coffee with the beans flavors pronounced. We can't wait for you to try our brand new Vincent Price Light Roast!"

For updates on the availability of the new Vincent Price light roast, visit Besides, they're offering free U.S. shipping on orders $40 and over, so now might be the time to bring a little spook to your Sumatra.