Deathgrind Outfit Yaujta Are "Tethered" In New Song And Video

In this latest installment of “bands who got my attention with just their name alone,” we have Nashville-based Yaujta, named for the extraterrestrial species you and I know better as The Predator. The band blends metal, grind, punk, and noise rock into a potent cocktail of pit-starting anthems. As they get ready for their new album The Lurch, the band’s first on Relapse Records, the trio is stirring up chaos as only they can.

The first single from the forthcoming disc is “Tethered,” a commentary on electronics and man’s overreliance on them. As such, the music video, directed by Blair Trame, has a VHS grain to it, as the personas within are brought to their maker by a figure clad in wires and cables. The dark, cabled figure drags them around in the great outdoors before dispatching his prey, and if it sounds like something that should be narrated by Sir David Attenborough, I’m just saying that the opportunity is on the table, I’m sure.

The drums are really something to behold here, as they are the glue that holds the track together. Props to drummer/vocalist Tyler Coburn for bringing a mix of hardcore, grind, and death to “Tethered” and making it sound properly destructive.

The track listing for The Lurch is as follows:

1. A Killing Joke

2. The Spectacle

3. Wired Depths

4. Undesirables

5. Tethered

6. Clock Cleaner

7. Catastrophic

8. The Weight

9. Before the Foal

The Lurch releases on May 21st via Relapse Records. Pre-order it here, and check out the video for “Tethered” below:


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