Demonic Horror 'Baphomet' Picked Up By Cleopatra Entertainment, Clings Summer 2021 Release

Back in December, in slightly simpler times, we broke the news of the demonic horror film Baphomet, which features Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth as an occultist, in a spot-on casting choice. The film, directed by sophomore director Matthan Harris, was already set for release later this year, and now the picture has been picked up for North American distribution by Cleopatra Entertainment. Currently, the film is slated for release on VOD, Blu-Ray, and DVD on June 8th.

The synopsis for Baphomet reads as follows:

“BAPHOMET tells the tale of an American family, the Richardsons, celebrating their daughter’s pregnancy, but things begin to go awry when Satanic cult leader Henrik Brandr [Giovanni Lombardo Radice] unexpectedly visits their ranch. Henrik offers to pay the family a large sum for ownership of their land, claiming it is sacred to his congregation. Jacob Richardson [Colin Ward], the father, rejects the offer due to the sentimental value of his ranch. Henrik, displeased, begins to put curses on the Richardsons, trying to force them off of their own land–even if it means murdering them. After suffering unexplainable tragedies created by the curses, the Richardsons seek help from Marybeth [Charlotte Bjornbak], a white witch high priestess. They soon discover a terrible secret about their house, revealing why their land is so sacred to the cult. They realize that they must protect their house from the cult at all costs, and a violent battle between good and evil ensues.”

It's been some time since we've heard news about this film, so to jog your memory, here's the teaser trailer:

Dani Filth was recently interviewed about the film, and that is available on Cleopatra Entertainment’s YouTube channel, as well as below. Below the video, check out the newest poster for Baphomet, set to be unleashed on this mortal coil this June!


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