Die Robot Releases Electro-Rock Single "Fanatic," Recorded During Quarantine

Portland alternative / electronic rock act Die Robot released their debut album Technopunk in 2018. The duo of Vince Christian and Barbie Saint have made their names known in their hometown. Prior to the stay at home orders going into effect, the band debuted a brand-new song “Fanatic,” during their show at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Planetarium. Finally, after several weeks of staying home and waiting out the pandemic, the band has released the studio version of this song.

Adding Rosmic Z (guitars / slicer) and Zane Hamilton (keys / electronic drums / samples) to the line-up, the song is a rock backbone with plenty of electronic and industrial flair to it. The chorus kicks the guitars into overdrive, as singer Vince Christian growls out the song’s title over Barbie Saint’s throwback pocket bass groove. The overall feel is very Eighties, almost sounding like it belongs on the soundtrack of an old comedy film.

Listen to "Fanatic" below, and you can purchase the single on the band's Bandcamp page: