Dinosaur Survival Horror Game 'Goner' Set to Bring Primal Terror to Kickstarter

Goner Dinosaur Horror Game Trailer Kickstarter

With Jaw Drop Games' Deathground currently funding on Kickstarter, fans of dinosaur-based survival horror games like Dino Crisis and Oakwood now have even more to look forward to, as another game in the subgenre, titled Goner, has just been announced.

From indie developer Loco Players, Goner is a survival horror game featuring open-world settings, AI-driven character behaviors, and interactions that will test your skills and determination to stay alive.

In the game's Story Mode, you take on the role of Anthony Sunder and go on a quest to find your missing mother and her expedition crew. Your search will lead you into a ghost island inhabited by hostile members of a lost civilization and feral fauna you thought extinct.

Not only will you have to face the island's prehistoric terrors, but you'll also be in charge of managing your character's hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature, and health. The game also features crafting, skills, a dynamic weather system and more.

Goner will also include a Survival Mode, where your only goal is to live as many days as possible. Rewards and buffs will be unlocked to use in further attempts as you accumulate days and feats.

As far as we know, the game is currently only planned to release on PC, but it's probably safe to say that a console version is likely to happen if the game is successful. And why the hell wouldn't it be?!

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